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Counting the amount of steps it takes to get somewhere. If it’s an odd number, deliberately take an extra little step just to make it even. If the final step doesn’t land you in a good enough spot, go back and rewalk the entire journey again. Repeat until the steps are even and you end up in the perfect place.

Setting an alarm.

  1. Check it’s definitely set
  2. Check again
  3. Check again
  4. Check again
  5. Check again
  6. Curl up to go to sleep
  7. Check again

Can I just put this out there. I can’t let the microwave time end. I have to stop it when it gets down to 1 second. The very thought of someone using a microwave and not stopping it at 1 second makes me feel sick. Please, please, please can everyone in the world make sure they stop their microwaves from beeping. For the sake of my health. Please.

When I leave the house, I have to go back at least four times to check I’ve locked the door and turned all the lights off.

This is bliss. 

This is bliss.